For Your Ears — My Full Conversation with Peter Jackson -The Beatles and Peter Make You Happy Again

I had a wonderful radio conversation with Peter Jackson, he of the three Academy awards. It was all about his new film, GET BACK, now streaming on Disney+.

The film’s book is outlined a couple of stories down. The interview is a real inside look at his thinking as he watched and cultivated the film over a 4 year period. The most amazing aspect of the film was at the time of their studio work in January 1969, they were composing songs that they were not sure would be successful, doing all this as they were ready to split. Jackson sees them through the eyes of a long-time fan, but also an intuitive director who opens YOUR eyes to the creativity and friendship that made them the greatest band in the world. Hope you enjoy hearing it. My special thanks to a man I call Erik Taros. He’s one of most successful collectors, finders, and respected talents in popular culture. I call him “The Finder of Lost Memories.” His work assisting on this film is deeply respected. Working with him on pending Beatles projects has been a joy. Thank you Erik and congratulations on your fund raising projects to advance culture in the Greater Boston Region.