Yes. I was on the air during the Saturday night massacre. Oct 20, 1973. President Nixon asked the Attorney General to fire the Watergate Special prosecutor. In a matter of hours he fired the Attorney General, and the Assistant Attorney General who refused to fire the prosecutor. Finally, Robert Bork, the Solicitor General, fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Bork was later nominated for the Supreme Court, years after Nixon resigned. He was rejected.

Now, President Donald Trump fired the man who is investigating him, FBI Director James Comey. Comey has had a bad year, drawing himself into election controversy and stretching the patience of voters and politicians.

But, his firing will primarily be viewed as an effort to slow down the investigation of the Trump campaign and and Russia. In his firing letter,  Trump mentioned that Comey had told him three times that he, Trump ,was not the target of an investigation. That was an interesting add-on.

Reaction is more than predictable. Republicans are muted or “troubled.” Democrats want a Special Prosecutor. John McCain also wants an independent prosecutor. With the reputation of the FBI on the line, the next Director will have to continue the investigation, even more aggressively.

Jeffrey Toobin, the respected legal correspondent at CNN called this, “a grotesque abuse of power.”

Bob Casey, the Pa. Senator, called it “Nixonian.”

There has been silence from most Republicans.

Washington has been rocked by this decision at this moment.

Where will this lead? This decision will be analyzed to analysis paralysis

My take is simple. This will draw further attention to the entire Russia issue. Voters will increasingly view this in coverup mode. The microscope will focus even closer on the White House. Someone in the mix will break, probable General Flynn. The Senate and House investigators will be even more aggressive. There will be a sharp eye on the Attorney General. And, abiding by rules on classified documents. James Comey will have his say. at some point, perhaps back before a Congressional Committee.

It is highly probable that Donald Trump is not the focus of the investigation, but his administration will be viewed with doubt.

Doubt is the most dangerous enemy of power.

Your Taxes and Health Care – What You Don’t Know Can Make You Sick

I have been trying to get a handle on the House-Ryan-Trump health care bill. It will probably be dead on arrival in the Senate. But it is still worth a look at what’s in this confusing bill relating to the taxes you pay.

This is a brief look at two major taxes that would go away under the House bill.

A 3.8 percent tax on investment income, like capital gains. A 0.9 percent surcharge on Medicare taxes imposed on high-income earners. These taxes are currently payed by taxpayers earning over $200,000 a year, or $250,000 for married taxpayers. The elimination of those taxes would save higher income earners , including millionaires, 284 billion dollars over ten years. People or couples making below those limits do not pay those taxes. But here’s the rub. Because those taxes would be eliminated among the wealthiest Americans, , the people in the the lower range, earning below $200.000, may pay higher costs for health insurance because the higher earners  would not be paying these taxes anymore. 

So, the bottom line, so far in the legislation is the realization that people with health care may pay more out of pocket than they do now. The majority of the American people have health care. That’s the good news. The scary news is that no one really knows how the cost of tax breaks  for the rich under Ryan-Trump care will affect the cost of health care for people who currently have insurance. We do have an idea that poorer Americans may have their medicaid payments reduced or even stopped.

Many will say, “well, that doesn’t affect me.” Wrong! If Medicaid is drastically reduced and if Ryan-Trumpcare does in some cases drop protection for pre-existing conditions, the burden will fall on emergency rooms and public health centers. That cost will trickle down to everyone.

Regardless of what you make for a living, health insurance for ALL is a healthy policy for people in every income bracket.

This is a complicated issue. Read everything you can about it.  These changes might make some people “mildly nauseous”, as the FBI director would say.

Final note: The new care plan does not address the President’s promise to push drug companies to lower prices.


Trump-Kim – Could Be Pay-for-View Blockbuster- We Need A Laugh

Donald Trump likes fanfare, and reality, although his reality show in the White House has little of the panache of Celebrity Apprentice.. But his recent comment that he would be “honored” to meet Kim Jong-Un, the millennial madman of North Korea, may actually quiet the situation a bit. Maybe. But picture this. A meeting between Trump and Kim would draw the biggest audience in the world. Trump can demand that MSM, the Main Stream Media, be barred from covering it, and instead, force people to pay to watch it. It would be the biggest pay-per-view audience in the world. Trump could get enough money to pay for the WALL. Kim could find some food to feed his hungry people, or probably try to re-invest in more of his favorite the things he wants,  probably violent video games, or, sadly, rocket fuel.

I have not gone rogue. I just think it is about  time for  little fantasy-land in this scary time. We need a good laugh. It’s hard to laugh when you realize you have a punk in North Korea with his the potential to blow up the earth. But, aside from the mini-satire that I wrote just above this, Trump’s idea of meeting with Kim, might break the logjam. Some people will love it, except the people of South Korea and Japan, who are one big bullseye for the missile-loving dictator.

There is no question that our President would like to rewrite history. He’s trying to do that now re: the history of the Civil War, and Andrew Jackson’s outrage from the grave. But if Nixon could go to China, then Trump could go to Korea.

One serious note. You should all say a little prayer for the MSM, also known as REAL MEDIA. Without our rights and freedom to seek the truth, we would become Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea. And that’s not so funny.

South Jersey Congressman Playing With Political Dynamite

Talk about nerve.

South Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur of the moderate GOP Tuesday Group is trying to strike a deal with the ultra right Freedom Caucus, on a new health care plan.

So, he introduced an amendment that would allow states to withdraw from a beloved part of Obamacare that makes insurance companies obligated to give insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. BUT THE AMENDMENT WOULD NOT APPLY TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND THEIR STAFFS.

MacArthur says he believes Congress should be held up to the same rules as the people. He’s trying to fix that problem.

If he doesn’t, it will place his party in jeopardy, along with his own political future. Who wants to be targeted as the Congressman who killed insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, but gets the benefit for his own insurance?

Congressman MacArthur should quickly fix this.

As far as Freedom Caucus. The named should be changed to “Let the People Suffer Caucus.”

Passage of a bill without the pre-existing condition element is political suicide, especially if members of Congress get to keep the benefit.

Can’t believe this one.