Fight For Crime and Justice in Philadelphia – Big Beatles Date

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The Pennsylvania primary is 5 weeks from Tuesday. At the top of the Philadelphia ticket is the District Attorney’s Contest shadowed by a major increase in murders and shoootings. KYW Special Contributor Larry Kane has a commentary on that key election.
Democratuc challenger Carlos Vega has got overwhelming support from the Philadelphia police community and defense attorneys and courtroom workers who complain that assistant District Attorneys who who prosecute the cases are not prepared at arraignment and for  trial. Vega has unparalleled support in the Latino community. 5 key insiders in  the party tell us that Krasner has the advantage– he should receive major support from the African American community although it is no secret that many black voters fear for their children in this current environment where guns seem to be readily available.
Krasner also has progressive suppport and don’t forget that national and  state progressive leaders are prolific fund raisers. Wisely.. Democratic Chairman Bob Brady encouraged an open primary by respecting ward leaders requests. Those leaders, many split on the DA’s race of the wards by advocated sample ballots with the their individual favorite at in that race at the top.
Will it be close–getting out the vote is the key, as well as the size of the vote..
Larry Kane –KYW Newsradio


This past weekend or “Yesterday” if you’re reading this on Monday, was an anniversary in Beatles history. It was April 10 or 11th (depending on what the exact moment was) 1970 That Paul McCartney announced he was leaving the Beatles. The reason I mentioned both dates  is that all Beatles historians like to argue about dates and times. The truth is that it DID happen. This all began months of infighting and the eventual breakup.  IMAGINE THIS–this – all that music written in a period of 9 years. After the Premiere of Ron Howard’s -White Horse Pictures film “Eight Days a Week” in London, Paul talked about missing John and George, and also about the final rooftop concert in January. The concert played  a big role in the movie. which can be viewed om HULU. It’s the first movie I have ever been a part of, and probably the last.

I am thinking BEATLES a lot these days, as you’ll note in the previous post. Every time I’ve felt out of sorts during the pandemic (you know the feeling) I would talk to my wife. visit or talk to our kids and grandchildren and then play a Beatles song. The music never seems to amaze me. And now a special “project for the ages” is underway. I’ll have more on this soon.

In the meantime, have  a great week, be safe and get vaccinated. Finally wear a mask. I know these wise actions are now political issues. How sad is that!

If you want to give me hell about that, you can @larrykane.