Some “briefs” on Day ONE for JRB

President Biden. Yes,  that’s the same man I shared Pizza with at Marra’s on Passyunk Avenue in 1987. Later that year,  I traveled on his plane for his first rollout of a Presidential campaign. It turns out his date with destiny would begin 33 years later.

Day one was a news maker. He wiped out Trump’s anti-climate policies, some immigration policy and a host of other initiatives. and today there will be more.

It’s too bad that his well-oiled staff had to go through the transition from hell, especially from State and Defense.

But now the ball is in his court,including the so-called nuclear football, the package that carries the nuclear codes.

What may have been his most important personal act of the day that was buried by the other big news? It was his message to his staff that disrespect for their colleagues will mean a one way ticket out. That is a wonderful message to businesses big and small in our country.

I have been to five inaugurals. Today was low key in these hard times, but it had a bipartisan flare to it. The stars? The new President’s appeal for unity. Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks,  Lady Gaga, the White House Marine Corps Band , and mostly Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman.  She was absolutely fantastic.

For now, one final question. Why did former President Trump pardon Steve Bannon and not Rudy?. That’s like throwing him under the bus, and traveling a few blocks down to make sure he has expired.

That’s all the time I have for now, but stand by for more commentary on kynewsradio 103.9 .com in the coming days.