Philadelphia Murder Crisis – a Cry for Leadership

These are transcripts of two commentaries that were aired Sunday, July 25th on kyw newsradio 103.9. They were were written and broadcast by me in my role as special contributor for the station. These are commentaries.

Report #1

This could be a defining moment in the history of Philadelphia. The people suffering the most in the expanding map of violent crime want and deserve live in freedom from fear. They worry, mostly about their children. Fear is powerful – it paralyzes, as the Declaration says the RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. A simple walk in the neighborhood is a gamble for so many. The real outrage is being expressed by community leaders , and our fellow citizens in the middle of it, who have have been heard on this radio station. Mayor Kenney, was always a neighborhood guy,and has real power. But he also has the right to make decisions, like refusing to declare an emergency. It appears that Police Commissioner DANIELLE OUTLAW, at least is trying to fill the vacuum with strong words about the current crisis. Let’s face it. The men and women who work for her are the last line defense of in the fight against murder and violence. The hardest fact to deal with? Some of the violence has impacted children, all caught in the crossfire.

The bottom line to all of this is the question– have the perpetrators been warned that they will pay a price? Who will step up ? Does anyone have the guts to say that we need more police on the streets. The truth must be faced because that spread of crime is expanding. Soon, there will be no place to hide, and that is very bad for Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.
Larry Kane – KYW Newsradio

Report # 2

It is seminal moment in the history of Philadelphia. The Mayor Jim Kenney will not declare a state of emergency. That’s his call. Into the vacuum with tough and passionate words are community leaders who are doing their part, so many who have spoken to this station.. As far as public officials, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw the quietest Commissioner in decades has changed gears and appears be to trying to fill a vacuum. Recently she has been very public about addressing her concerns for a death trap that is spreading to many areas of the city. Her targets-the justice system , especially the court system. There are many victims here– the people who are dead and wounded of course and then the Unknowns, the several hundred thousand who are living in absolute fear for their lives and their children’s lives. The question is who speaks or them? Do they have a right to be liberated from fear? And words matter. Silence can kill. There are two outstanding questions on this dilemma. Who will step up to let the perpetrators know the city will not tolerate this, and who will assure the people of our community living a life of fright that government will use all its power to take the necessary steps. More and more, the reality is present — you can’t stop crime without a bigger police force, or a force that is more highly motivated by leadership.
Larry Kane – KYW Newsradio