It was inevitable that Jim Gardner would eventually retire. After all, 44, soon to be 45 years in the anchor chair is unheard of, anywhere in local or National News. Jim’s career is without question the longest consistent successful anchor career in American history.
WPVI announced yesterday, that he will end his 11 o’clock anchoring sometime in late January, and continue on the 6 through 2022.
I can tell you that consistent excellence is hard to to do, but Jim has done it from the beginning.
What’s the secret? He’s always been a journalist first! Being an active participant in a newscast, writing much of the program, being able to create an unmatched level of creativity over a period of four and a half decades, is truly extraordinary. All that, plus leadership.
Who will replace him? Who can say for sure, but in the statement the station said his replacement (note singular) will be named in the near future.
Despite reports to the contrary there is a layer of respect in our business that has erased some of the trivial and petty appearances of discord that TV media once thrived on.
Congratulations to Jim on a career that will resonate for the ages.
TV NEWS has changed in the modern area, Competition for a bigger piece of a smaller pie is intense. Reporters and anchors have improved over the years. His standards have been an example for many broadcasters, I know I speak for so many people at all the local stations when I offer a measure of deep respect for his unmatched contribution to our business and life in this community.