Happy Holidays -Beatles ” Tease”, New Friend On The Site- My Latest Take on Some Punishing News

I hope you’re enjoying the weather. Because it’s Easter and Passover is in the final day, I would like to start with some upbeat news.


If you don’t know by now, I traveled with Beatles in the sixties,  interviewed them in the 70’s and 80’s,  filmed the last interview of John and Paul together, wrote three books, all chronicled on this website and to top it off , I have the largest collection of Beatle audio interviews in the world. There is so much material in my files that include many untold stories. I also saw, “LIVE” and in person 52 concerts by my friends, which appears to be a world record for a journalist. The only others to see more shows were the Beatles themselves, and their road crew and managers, who have all passed.  Right now  members of  a team I’ve assembled are organizing the tapes and films, solidifying research and preparing for something very special for the ages. I’m working with a word class audio and video curator Erik Taros. Erik is also a go-to individual in the world of creative design. He’s in the Boston area. In Philadelphia I’m  working with  Sine Studios in Philadelphia, and its co-owners Matt Teacher and Mike Lawson. The Sine studio is one of the most popular sights for awesome sound in Philadelphia and the country. When it comes to sound, these guys are the best. I will have something very  unusual to announce later this year, unlike anything ever produced before, and we are the only ones who have it. It is something that puts  you in closer touch with the four people who changed music forever and remain one of  the most powerful influences on culture and society 57 years after they first arrived in America. In many ways, you will be “in the room:” with the Beatles, or the Beatles will be  “in your room.” There is nothing like it anywhere.

The idea came to me after my participation in the fantastic movie “Eight Days a Week,”  directed by Ron Howard and now available on Hulu. In addition to interviews with me, the company that produced the film, White Horse Pictures, scoured the world for any and all tapes and film . It turns out that my collection was used because of its news value, and clear evidence of how “The Boys” , as they were called on tour, changed the world with more than just their music.  This project is also NEW on many fronts.

I will keep you advised from time to time on this project.  By the way, a  tip for you. My first Beatles Book, “Ticket To Ride”, is now available as an e-book on Amazon. The price is extremely low, and the book can be downloaded in seconds. Considering that “something new” is coming out in the next 18 months, this is a low cost way to read the my eyewitness accountant of history in the making.  This electronic version is a smart was to get a primer for the new project , I’ve priced it at less than $5.00 because I want as many people to read it without costing too much. Part of the proceeds go to the Police Athletic League in Philadelphia and Abington. Fans of this book will be excited about the future project.

Also, watch for the fall release of the Peter Jackson film, “Get Back”, which is the story of the Beatle studio years. Jackson, a film legend, is putting the finishing touches on the film at his headquarters in New Zealand. It is all being done in connection with Apple Corps, the official business operation of The Beatles. Paul and  Ringo  and the families of John and George have their own companies for their individual efforts. Apple Corps, led by Jeff Jones and Jonathan Clyde, handles the worldwide interests of the the Beatles as a group. These executives were the visionaries behind the Beatles Channel on SiriusXM satellite radio. Jeff Jones is an Executive Producer on the Jackson film, and Jonathan Clyde a producer. Stay on the lookout for a game-changing movie event.


This is certainly not exclusive but the alleged crimes attributed to firebrand election denier Matt Gaetz will surface in the week. It’s fascinating how not one single fellow Republican in the Congress has offered support to the controversial Congressman from the Florida Panhandle. Our Congressional sources from the Greater Philadelphia area forecast that  House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy will soon ask Gaetz to resign. In this country, everyone gets their day in court, but right now, until alleged charges are filed, Gaetz is losing in the court of public opinion.

Also in the news – a decision may be coming shortly on the investigation by the New York Attorney General on the alleged charges of  sexual impropriety against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Reliable sources in the Democratic Caucus of the New York State Senate tell us that whatever the outcome, they expect that the Guv will not seek to run  again.

Back home in the Philadelphia area: For the first time, the Philadelphia corporate  community is putting pressure on Mayor Kenney to declare a state of emergency because of the frightening rate of murder and violence.  The truth is that  many leaders are worried about the city’s image,  But this is much more about “image.”  Its about life itself. There are thousands in our that community who fear for their safety and the safety of their children. In the same time of the recent mass killings all over the country, lives lost in Philadelphia are causing such extreme suffering by survivors of the victims. I was alarmed that a killing in the outdoor Philadelphia Mills Mall in the far Northeast received more coverage than the multiple killings in the heart of North Philadelphia and the areas east and west of  north Broad Street. There was a murder outside of Dave and Busters on Delaware Avenue that was heavily covered. Some local news organizations are letting down their clients, the people, by failing to even report some of the city killings. In a free society, what you don’t know can really hurt you. Are we so numb to killings?

Now, a tip for you, Two really finely crafted stories on the crime crisis and the election challenges facing progressive DA Larry Krasner, written by exceptional journalists, Pat Loeb and Kristen Johansen are on http://www.kywnewsradio.com . You can hear them on the Audacy App for IOS only, and on Radio.Com for Android.

Now,  A CHANGE OF PACE  to a great sport…



If you’re a Golfer or know one, check out the website of one of the most influential golf instructors in the world, Lou Guzzi. You’ll find a link to his sight on the right column of this home page. This is not a commercial. Lou is a friend. He is one of the people who have done so much for youth golf both in our region and nationwide.  His site is amazing. So is the site of Alan Brown, a relative of mine who operates a business that connects you quite cheaply to some of the finest golf courses around the nation. His website arrives here soon. Alan is a proud member of an exclusive club. He is a survivor of heart failure and a man of great courage. Some years ago he received a heart and liver transplant at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. He’s doing so well.  His “appearance” here is also not a commercial.

That’s it for now. An anchor I grew up watching used to sign off with a great message.

“Good Night and May The Good News Be Yours”