As Heard on kywnewsradio 103.9- My Take On This Historic Week

We are at the intersection of three big stories this week. KYW  Special Contributor Larry Kane has commentary.

{First fear and frustration over delays of getting the vaccine to our region. In contrast the vaccine  is available to everyone in Florida over 65 with no proof of residence. The inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is all set. It will be more modest than in the past with the largest military presence ever. Third story .national security experts warn of an expanding white supremacy insurgency. No surprise…they’ve been warning us for years. Congress has paid little attention. As the senate awaits the trial of President Trump. The largest investigation in recent history that of the riot of the Capitol continues on many levels. A Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano, a veteran of conspiracy theories and who fired up the move to throw out Pennsylvania electors is being urged to resign by Democratic leaders. Republican insiders in Washington are upset at Mastriano’s visit to the crowd outside the White House and outside the Capital. And then there is a shy hero. Former soldier and Capital police officer Eugene Goodman risked his life by allowing raging rioters to chase after him and away from the senate doors. Goodman being called the man who saved the senate is not talking about it.}