New Friend On The Site


If you’re a Golfer or know one, check out the website of one of the most influential golf instructors in the world, Lou Guzzi. You’ll find a link to his sight on the right column of this home page. This is not a commercial. Lou is a friend. He is one of the people who have done so much for youth golf both in our region and nationwide.  His site is amazing. So is the site of Alan Brown, a relative of mine who operates a business that connects you quite cheaply to some of the finest golf courses around the nation. His website arrives here soon. Alan is a proud member of an exclusive club. He is a survivor of heart failure and a man of great courage. Some years ago he received a heart and liver transplant at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. He’s doing so well.  His “appearance” here is also not a commercial.

That’s it for now. An anchor I grew up watching used to sign off with a great message.

“Good Night and May The Good News Be Yours”