Why Is Commonwealth Court So Important in Pa.

https://www.seventy.org/tools/elections-voting/2017-election-guide/pa-commonwealth-court   Save this URL.  In the age of voter suppression, and campaign hacking, Commonwealth Court is so very important in Pa. That’s why it may be  great idea to go to the website of the independent Philadelphia Committee of Seventy to check out the candidates. Each party selects two nominees. The two Republicans are unopposed.

In the Democratic field, Joseph Cosgrove currently serves on the court and is seeking a full term, after his appointment in 2016. He is currently the only Democratic candidate “highly recommended by the Bar Association. Four of the other five, as you will see, get a recommendation from the Bar Association.

That includes Judge Ellen Ceisler, who has one of the more unusual career paths: Former investigative journalist, chief integrity officer of the Philadelphia Police Department, prosecutor, litigator, and for nine years a Common Pleas Court Judge in Philadelphia.

Check out the other candidates on the site. It is one of the best around for information on any candidate for any office in the City of Philadelphia.

Why is this court to important? It deals with legal action for and against the state, offers decisions on all things political, including financial irregularities, and the most important function, handling election conflicts and protecting you from vote suppression, and efforts check signatures, and make sure petitions are valid for certification of candidates. In other words, the court offers you protection from people who would undermine the election process.