What Trump Should Have Said!

What an awful perspective Donald Trump has of his own persona. Following the appointment of the former FBI Chief Robert Mueller, the President tweeted with anger again, calling its the biggest “witch hunt” ever. What a mistake? What is the President thinking?

Faced with a barrage of problems  he should have said,   “Great choice of a distinguished investigator. We look forward to a resolution of this barrage of accusations. The country deserves a fair and thorough investigation. And here at the White House we are ready and waiting to cooperate in anyway so that all doubts may be lifted.”

Instead, the man who says he knows the art of the deal misfires again, complicating his image, looking like a man who as they say at the networks is “unhinged.”

So the question is this. Does he understand his mistakes? Is he delusional about his current situation? Even if there’s nothing to any of the investigations, can he get his act together to run the nation, and keep us safe?

Now, in the early years of President Trump, the big question overrides all others. How would he react when a military issue threatens the nation.

The timing of his first foreign trip is challenging, but maybe it will help him realize that its time to finally, and in the hopes of a worried nation, works hard to evaluate himself.