Changing of Guard in Philadelphia – Rhynhart Surprises, Krasner Wins With Big$$$

Although the turnout was dismal, the Philadelphia political landscape was changed dramatically in this primary.

First off: Rebecca Rhynhart’s upset win for Controller over Alan Butkovitz is the biggest upset we have seen in a long time. Rhynhart ran a savvy campaign and not as a novice. Rhynhart has had years of experience in municipal finance. She appealed to younger voters and Democrats possibly looking for a change. Alan Butkovitz has had a remarkable political run, but he was probably defeated less by rejection, but more by an electorate looking for something new, a warning to incumbents next year! Rhynhart will face Republican Mike Tomlinson in November, but Tomlinson’s chances are slim to none, with the dynamic Democratic registration edge.

The big question is how Rhynhart handles oversight of the Kenney administration. Will she be as independent as she says she will be?  There is still much waste in City Government. With a prohibitive wage tax, one of the worst in the nation, and high corporate taxes, it is a difficult situation. Finding that waste, attacking it and fighting to make city government more efficient should be a hallmark of the Rhynhart years.

Larry Krasner’s big victory was a product of great name recognition, fueled by the money of liberal billionaire George Soros. Krasner is honest and caring. Will be be tough on defendants? The District Attorney sets the tone, and like it or not, Philadelphia is still a city where crime is an issue. We all know that education is the key to reducing crime, but in the meantime, the citizens will expect Krasner to have the back of the city’s police department.

It’s nice to change the subject from Trump land.  But that won’t last for long, what with the the revelations of alleged impropriety flying out of the big house. While we wait for the  next chapter, I leave you with a question.

Can anyone convince Donald Trump that he needs to change to save his White House?  The answer to that question will forecast whether the President can keep flying by the seat of his pants to keep the show going.

We will find out if Trump can survive politically sooner rather than later. In a few months, under our system of checks and balances we will know  whether the accusations stick.  We will also find out, by the outcome and the emerging real truth, who the real patriots are in Washington.