All For One – And One For None Leaves America At Risk

I have tried very hard to be as analytical as I can about our current political situation. After all, I’ve always been an equal opportunity critic of politicians. My sources are Democrats, Republicans and Independents,  and I have a weekly call list that would surprise you. But what happened today at the NATO meetings may be the greatest threat to American security in decades.

There was nothing wrong in President Trump demanding more financial support from some members of the NATO alliance. But it was outrageous for him to have not mentioned our nation’s determined commitment to support all NATO countries. This “all for one and one for all” commitment is a legal part of the NATO alliance and has been embraced by every American President since Harry S. Truman. That is, until now.

This omission was a tremendous victory for Russia’s determined dictator and sometimes murderer Vladimir Putin. President Trump handed him the green light to start spreading his cyber and real-bullet threat to Eastern and Western Europe and the near and Middle East.

In vacating that pledge, Trump has sent shockwaves of fear to millions of people in Europe. And in doing so, the President has reinforced the view that America First may mean Russia First as well.

The eventual result will be an anti-American wave through our nation’s allies. And that will no doubt endanger our own security in the long run.

A firm commitment to support all NATO nations would have gone a long way to convincing angry Americans and our friendly allies to believe that maybe Donald Trump’s behavior is really just a lot of proud bluster. But, after today, trust in our nation’s commitments may never be the same,

As the President would say…. sad.