A Short Note On An Encounter With The One and Only Don Rickles

Most of the material in this post is about politics. But I can’t escape the passing of Don Rickles, a wonderful talent who made so many people laugh so hard. I had what you might call an encounter with the comic at my 1960 High School senior prom at a hotel in Miami Beach. He was the main event, and he walked through the room, with a “live” microphone , pausing at tables ad making jokes about the people. He arrived at our table, asked me to stand up, put his fingertip on my nose (which is somewhat long) and said simply , “beak”. My table howled and as he left he brushed my curly hair and said, “You’re a man who needs a hair job.” More laughter. Through the years I’ve enjoyed him. Don Rickles, a man who turned insults into laughter! Sadly in our modern political environment, insults are not laughable, but that is for another post coming up shortly.