The Pa. Republican Senator calls on the embattled nominee to get out of the race. He suggests a write in vote for Luther Strange, who lost the primary. Toomey also would not rule out a move to remove him from the Senate if he is elected!

Moore has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl several decades ago. He has denied the charges, but friends say he dated teenagers when he was in his thirties.

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America First? Really? And DJT Walks It Back – plus Ringo On The Film

After the following post was filed, the President walked back his statements with a tweet saying he respects the national intelligence team.


America First? Not this weekend. The President’s declaration that he believes Putin’s insistence that Russia did not meddle in the  campaign was not America First, nor was his twitter attack on America’s top intelligence heavyweights who he attacked with such incredibly nasty language. So, it’s the President versus every single intelligence expert including the CIA director he appointed, 98 members of the Senate who voted that Russia was the great perpetrator of Cyberwar tactics in 2016, nor the U.S. House, John McCain, and more people of intelligence than there is space for. America First appears more like America Compromised.


His Asian trip was going fairly well, until he decided to go off-script and embarrass the country. A CNN analyst made an interesting point on this Sunday that Trump missed a wonderful opportunity in Vietnam to salute the fifty-eight thousand Americans who died there, especially on this Veteran’s Day.


So you can read all about, or hear and watch the developing stories on Radio and TV.


The bottom line: The confluence of the President’s outbursts, misinformation, inciting of violence, and of what I would call his sponsorship of Let’s Make American Grim Again, is a completed boxed set of failure.


And here is the hopeful part. He can change it by just taking some advice, toning down the rhetoric, and trying to unite the nation he leads. George W. Bush once declared himself “the decider.” The writing is on the ballots counted last Tuesday. Donald Trump can begin to erase the anger that he provoked by taking steps to prevent him from being remembered as “the divider.”

Now, we’ll see if the man who sold the “Art of the Deal” can find a way to heal an anguished nation.

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