What We Have Learned is More Than Scary – Your Budget Is Target

First we have a real news alert. 

The White House  and Republican leadership has agreed on a one point five trillion dollar tax cut over ten years with mainly sharply lower corporate rates and some lower rates for middle class taxpayers. How will we pay for it?. This where you need to stay vigilant. Several of the ideas to pay for the cuts:  a change in mortgage deductions which would only remain for people with very high mortgages, and  possibly eliminating the deduction you take for state and local taxes, including property taxes, These are all  POSSIBLE. The White House says everything is on the table. What would you get back for losing some of your deductions? Maybe an increase in the standard deduction to 24 thousand a year. Some economists say this a plan just for the wealthy -others say it will create jobs. Watch these stories developing and keep the phone numbers of your congress members and senators handy, maybe on speed dial.
Jet setter or just arrogant? HHS SecretaryTom Price is under political pressure. The man who would strip your health care (and that is true) has spent a small fortune taking private jets at your expense for months. Now, he will travel like all the rest of us until the Inspector General investigates. Price has chutzpah. I will tell you that. No other cabinet members fly in private jets, although those running anything to do with national defense fly on military jets, as they should. Price owes the government money. He should pay us back.
What President Trump is doing for race relations may be making his base happy, although I do not perceive all of his base being a wild herd of race baiters. What kind of legacy does the man want to leave.? Now he’s taking on NFL owners, and getting a harsh response from NFL boss Roger Goodell. Naturally Trump retaliated on Twitter. Even the owners of the New York Giants are sending negative statements about Mr. Trump. The President in just 24 hours, tweet-savaged The Golden State Warriors, protesting players, and uninviting them to the White House.  All this created more angry reactions, especially from LeBon James who defended then Warriors and is very angry about the state of race relations. The President has done an enviable job of dividing America. His latest attack on protesting players is not worth causing division. We are in a bad place.
The President is justifiable in his concerns about North Korean nukes, but his tweets are only creating more tension.Mr. President,  you want to know how to really scare the North Korean dictator?
DO NOT TWEET ABOUT HIM FOR TWO WEEKS! The man will crawl into a bunker.
General Kelly must convince the President that silence is golden, but that is probably asking too much.