Has President Trump Ceded Power

Numerous reports from seven newspapers, one wire service and many reputable internet sites insist that President Donald Trump is leaving most of the major military decisions to the Pentagon. If that is true,  it would mean  that the President has given up an active role as Commander-In-Chief. Has he basically resigned as Supreme Commander?  Is it true? If so, it would mean that the President is basically ceding his most important role as the nation’s defender. Now some of you may be happy about that. You shouldn’t be. The founding fathers shaped a military that reported to the leader of the executive branch. Frankly, the military team in place, the security system at the White House and Pentagon seems to be much more competent than some of the people selected to the Cabinet. But the President needs to make the major decisions.  A note to the President — say it isn’t so!

And I ask the question –  Where the hell is Congress? Maybe the party leaders are too busy trying to put one over on the health care front to worry about how much deeper we are getting into the Syrian quagmire. Or is any member of Congress asking why we are not doing more about the bloodbath in nearby Venezuela?

Vision is blurred these days in other areas. For example, has anyone on the Hill addressed the the implosion of retail sales? Do we have a plan to save retail?  Chuck Todd expertly reported on Meet The Press this week that no one is concerned about the number of retail jobs being lost around the nation. Why don’t we hear about this economic disaster from the White House or Congress?

Final notes for now regarding the previous post and the Russia investigation.. The President obviously knew when he issued the challenge about tape recordings to James Comey that the White House had no tapes. You have to think about this as a game of poker. But Comey didn’t blink, nor was he rattled.

Now Mr. Trump seems to be messaging another investigator. Area lawmakers are buzzing about this.  In two tweets and three interviews this past week the President when asked about the future of  Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller said, “We’ll just  have to see…he’s very close friends with James Comey…the people he’s been hiring are  Hillary Clinton supporters…I just don’t know.”  These are the questions. Are these statements just efforts to challenge Mueller’s credibility, or is he setting up the voters with a case that would justify his firing Mueller as special prosecutor?  So the big question comes front and center.  Is Mr. Trump just on the attack or is he thinking about firing the prosecutor which would certainly deepen the Russian crisis?


Don’t Play Games With Suspected Comey Tapes

Another challenge for President Trump who is obviously unaware of the deep hole he keeps digging.

If he does have tapes of talks with James Comey, and they verify what he he says , release them already, If he does have the tapes, and they vindicate him, he must be be unhappy with the “tone”.

If he doesn’t have tapes, maybe he’s afraid that people will call his bluff on them, and he might look weak. By all means, here’s a message to Ivanka, Jared, Bannon and other confidants: get this guy together already.

Another sore point. The President is allowing his insiders to float a possible disaster, that being the possibility that he might fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. That decision would be a catastrophe. Like then firing of Comey, it would send a very bad message, a message that the President is scared of something.

My perspective on Trump is not about President Trump. It is about the stability of the country. Love him or leave him, the dramatic drops in his approval ratings have less to do with his policies, and more to do with his weird, changeable, sometimes inexplicable behavior. That continuing show is hurting the people, damaging the mental well being of Americans, and making our allies crazy. His failure to motivate excitement about the future is grim and foreboding.

It’s supposed to be America First. I don’t see that. Do you?