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First, thanks to the people at BEA, the book expo in New York, for featuring WHEN THEY WERE BOYS (above) at this week’s big book expo in New York. It was exciting to meet and greet people from all over the USA, and overseas. If you want to check out chapter one of the book, BEA is offering a free E-book, called BOOK BUZZ.
The local politics is heating up.
First of all, former Congresswoman Mezvinksy is in the race for Congress again. Don’t expect a cakewalk, but she has a secret weapon. Ken Smukler, one of this area’s sharpest political minds, is on the case. There is no one more experienced in suburban and city elections like Smukler. My take: all four of the announced candidates will not be running by the end of the fall.

Meantime, what’s not happening is worth looking at. Montco Council chair Josh Shapiro’s decision to concentrate on his job and not seek higher office, for now, is a great decision. The political ambition tour operators sometimes fail to understand that holding steady and doing your job is the right thing to do. Shapiro could have walked away with the Congressman’s job. He could have run for Governor and given other candidates nightmares. By staying in place, he sets an example. The road to higher office is usually paved with accomplishment.

On the Mayor’s sweepstakes in Philadelphia, there is radio silence from most of the perceived candidates about the schools crisis. It’s all about NO GUTS, NO GLORY. Does any one of them have the courage to speak out? Darrell Clarke. City Council President, is taking a stand. He is making it clear that education is priority number one. Clarke is very aggressive on the schools crisis. He is our guest tonight (SUN) at 9:30 and Wednesday at 5:30 on VOICE OF REASON on the Comcast Network. Watch him carefully. He’s got the guts and personality to be a serious contender for Mayor of Philadelphia.

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