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And Now, Produced By The United States of America, The “Edge of Fiscal Calamity”

Forget about the January First deadline. The amazing, unbearable,  and insane political paralysis of the fiscal cliff has already ruined the holiday shopping season for retailers. It is the worst holiday shopping season since 2008, and you remember what 2008 was like. You can blame it on Republicans, or Democrats and certainly Speaker John Boehner appears  grossly incompetent. Either that, or his party loyalists have sent him grimly under the bus. Either that, or Eric Cantor is up to his old tricks, He was the only man smiling after the great embarrassment to the speaker. On the Democratic side, why didn’t Nancy Pelosi offer her own compromise. Where has she been during all of this? How about Grover Norquist, the non-elected power broker. He is real red. white, blue, and green, as in fat cast cash. And Harry Reid? A political giant he is not.

Where does the White House stand? Does the President have the innards to argue his case more vigorously to the American people? He seems, so far at least,  kind and gentle, while the 38 House members who are holding up the train, are not going to compromise any time soon. The President, who appears to admire the Abe Lincoln playbook. might also study the hammer-like styles of LBJ, or The Gipper.



Sources in the Pa. Republican party say that Governor Tom Corbett has three months to make an image turnaround, before potential Democratic candidates go on the attack and seriously threaten a second term.. Corbett is plagued by very poor press relations, an inability to stay on message, and reports of what are legal but questionable trips provided by campaign supporters. It is not unusual for Governors to face mid-term blues but Corbett  has several problematic issues: major cutbacks in education funding, a failure to properly tax the natural gas industry , and his uncharacteristically extreme  right-wing  stand on gun control and Obamacare.

Personally, the Governor is a fairly warm and effusive personality, but the public rarely sees that side of him. It t0ok him almost two years to appear on news/talk programs in the Philadelphia area. He first appeared on my Voice of Reason program in the summer of this year, a full 18 months into his term.

In truth, the Governor’s imagery, and approval ratings are his own fault. He needs to fix those problems fast if he really wants a second term.

Final note: I’m not getting into his decisions as Attorney General in the Penn State case. Until proven otherwise, there is no evidence whatsoever that he conducted himself inappropriately.

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