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The Election is Over – It Was Ugly

It’s the middle of the night and I’ve just returned from election coverage. So, for now I’ll make this quick.

The pollsters were right, except for the notoriously pro-Democrat and pro-Republican pollsters who dirtied up the averages. The Susquehanna Poll in Pa. was a joke. I hope the Romney campaign didn’t rely on this poll to spend 7 million dollars in the state. Putting Tom Smith one point behind Bob Casey helped unload some money from Tom’s bank account.

The candidates, The President and Governor Romney, were better than their handlers. This election was so toxic, and divided so many people with phony accusations on both sides. I can’t believe how angry people were getting. Both Obama and Romney were demonized. It was out-of-control.

Joe Biden took a lot of heat, but he is a great campaign closer. Compared to Paul Ryan, he was a giant. Ryan’s closing shot that the President was oblivious to Judeo-Christian ethics, was a clear shot across the bow, a signal that the President, according to Ryan, was different from “real” Americans. Sarah Palin would have been proud.

Conversely, the Obama campaign’s attacks on Romney were way too personal. We know Romney is wealthy, but no one is as evil and uncaring as he was portrayed.

Finally, I am amazed at the cool of Mr. Obama, considering the way he was attacked. And Romney did a wonderful job of keeping his composure.

The candidates fought hard.

The election is over.

The biggest task is to force the Republicans and Democrats to find some common ground. We can’t take any more of the ugly ways of Washington politics.

The election was ugly. It’s time for a new mood, where we can tolerate each other’s differences.


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