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Stories You Need To Pay Attention To. Avoid At Your Own Risk

With everything moving so quickly in campaign 2012 , it is easy to ignore some news stories that are flying a bit under the radar.


First and foremost, the Defense Secretary’s dire warning about Iran’s capacity to stage a cyber attack on the United States. This is serious business. The “hearing hungry” Congress should hold hearings on this issue as soon as it returns from its election recess. And the United States should retaliate quickly against known hacker targets. This is a national security priority of the highest level.


The Taliban. The organization that helped to plot the attack on America targeted a 14 year old girl in Pakistan because she had the courage to speak out on women’s rights. She was shot. She survived. The Taliban leadership now says she will be targeted again until she is dead. Point? The Afghan government has talked of negotiating with the Taliban to end the war. If that happens, we should get our troops out quickly, and let the ungrateful governments of Afghanistan and  Pakistan try to defend themselves. The target date for the stand down is 2014. Any appeasement of the Taliban should be greeted with defiance by the United States.


Crime in Philadelphia. We are getting numb to the killings again. It has become so matter of fact. We’ve got a really good Police Commissioner in Philadelphia. but we need a stronger outreach by City Council to all the neighborhoods, including Center City. The Mayor has spoken out aggressively about people rising up against crime. It is time for a stronger citywide campaign against violent crime, crime that impacts people’s lives everyday, and threatens the economic progress of Philadelphia.


The Race for Attorney General. This is one of the most ignored races, yet so important. The Pennsylvania race between Republican David Freed and Democrat Kathleen Kane is too important to pass up. The elected Attorney General enforces state and local laws, and should be discouraged from playing politics with the office. Read about it. Find out about the candidates. This is very important.





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