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The Veep Buzz — Secret Servicing – A Glass Half Full

The Veep buzz that is now the rage of the nation is missing one key name. . All the experts are talking about Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, and everyone’s favorite, Marco Rubio. First an assessment: Christie would be very exciting, but the downsides are his candor and spark, which could be misinterpreted. It’s sad when candor and spark could be a problem. Marco Rubio lied in his book about when his parents came to America, suggesting that they came after Castro’s takeover of Cuba. They actually came¬† before. Nikki Haley is a novice, pure and simple. Paul Ryan is a bully, pure and simple. He cares little about people with economic needs. Mitch Daniels is probably the safest bet – an intelligent Governor from a possible swing state, Indiana.

But wait! Pat Toomey should be on the A-list. The Pa. Senator won his seat by almost completely avoiding social issues, concentrating instead on economic priorities. From my perspective, Toomey could be the strongest veep choice, a conservative who is not focused on many divisive issues. Romney,  who was pro-choice, was for stem cell research, and was for mandated health care, needs a running mate who the right wing of his party can trust. Toomey would also help bring in Pennsylvania, which is a must win for the Republicans.


The scandal is the most serious breach of Presidential security in modern history. The people who participated in this craziness should be prosecuted. The fact that people with sensitive documents and vital elements of the security plan, could compromise the nation and the chief executive is outrageous. While the talk show hosts make light of the episode, there is nothing funny about it.


I can’t believe the early response to the Phillies performance. If you were reading some of the news columns, you would think that the season was dead and done with. Why is the sports writer’s glass always have empty in this town? Is it better copy? Does it sell more? The fans are much more cheerful than the scribes. Thank goodness for that.



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