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The Phillies Say Goodbye To Scott Graham – What a Missed Call!

I ran into Scott Graham, the Phillies play-by-play man, at the Lenape Trail Classic in Atlantic City between Temple and Cincinnati, where he was doing the CN 8 broadcast of the game. Scott is one of the most versatile sports broadcasters around.

That makes it even more of a surprise that the Phillies have dropped Scott from their broadcast team. It is an unfortunate decision, because Scott brought youth and vigor to the Phillie’s broadcasts.

As a broadcaster, I appreciate the announcers who broadcast sports, especially those who can give you that visual picture, even when it is on the radio. Outside of Harry Kalas, no one did it better than Scott Graham!

The best play-by-play man in town is Merrill Reese. There is no one even close. In a way, Graham was becoming to baseball what Merrill became to Eagles football in his early years. Graham was the natural successor to Harry. But that will not happen, because the Phillies have made a bad decision.

For some reason, the Phillies fail to interpret what is good and bad in this town. The rehiring of Manager Charlie Manuel was a big mistake. The beating of a Philadelphia cop by player Jason Michaels in 2005 was handled badly, along with the domestic dispute involving Brett Myers.

Now Scott Graham has been given his walking papers.

Gary Matthews will join the team. Good get. He’ll add excitement.

But Graham should have stayed. He was hardly the weakest link in a Phillies broadcast team that can, unwillingly, put you to sleep on some nights.

Scott will be sought after for his talent and energy. And with his loss the public face of the Phillies will suffer again.

In recent years a whole new breed of game announcers has made an impact, led bv Graham and Sixer’s star Mark Zumoff.

It is too bad the Phillies didn’t understand the impact of Scott Graham. The fans do.

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